Ritual & The Roundabout in Echo Park

9 thoughts on “Ritual & The Roundabout in Echo Park”

    1. stacy- i wish we could go to bottega louie and eat pizza and drink wine and talk about your experience with this project. i have been thinking about repetition a lot lately. kind of a form of a ritual? maybe? a ritual can be repetitive. how i find where i feel the most peaceful is in creating is in repetition. macrame, drawing, doodles, even in doing step aerobics(ha-i am so 90’s) how the repetition of the routines can calm me. but then i enjoy creating in chaos too.

      i admire your stance on social networking. when we were kids would we have ever thought snail mail would become so nostalgic.
      i miss you a lot. you are always so inspiring. and you look beautiful!!!!!!

  1. I love this look into ritual and how it works with meaning in our lives. I like the awake quality you are bringing to your art and inviting us all to participate in this!

    You are amazing!

  2. Hello Stacy, I love what you’re doing. I wonder if you would send me an “update”? I have a project called “Be Old Fashioned” and my first “campaign” is about writing letters. If you sent “an update” to my Be Old Fashioned PO Box, I could post it on my sites! Which I would love!
    Be Old Fashioned 2658 Griffith Park Blvd #411 LA CA 90039-2520 Thank you!

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