Hollywood Bowl & Little Foxes

stacy elaine dacheux . july 2012

“I can get away with saying a lot of ideas that are young and naive. I’m liberated.” – Neil Young

My therapist said I was naive recently, and I agreed, but then sort of resented her, so I like what Neil Young is saying here, but still, I want to know what he means by liberated.

I always thought naivety, along with sensitivity, was a deficiency.

Are they?

Both words remind me of that scene from Catcher In The Rye, where Holden wants to catch the children, protect them from falling, or turning into adults–

My mother told me about a boy from my 12th grade English class, who recently tied up his mother and threw gasoline allover her body, threatening to light the match.

The universe is so large.

Last night, the symphony played at The Hollywood Bowl. They showed film footage of nature in relation to the musical score. In one scene, two foxes fought a bison. I felt great sadness for the foxes more so than the bison, even though they were the ones attacking.

They had no choice. They were hungry and alone in the wild.


4 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl & Little Foxes

  1. I have been described as unjaded. What could be better for an artist? It sounds like you’re seeing things as they are.

    1. Cindy,

      I am so happy to see you here. I am curious to learn more about your take on the feeling of growing up— as, recently, I have come to realize that I always associate myself in groups as being the youngest, although that is not often the case. I wonder, if there is denial of aging here– or a denial of seeing myself as an adult, or jaded, or something that involves a critical eye . . . where is my critical eye?

      I worked for a woman one time and she said sarcasm was killing teenagers. The other day, a friend posted sarcastically that all earnest people should die.

      Today, I think my critical eye is in my heart, an eye in my heart, a cartoon heart, maybe, this is what I am thinking of.

      I want to interview you about our museum experience– can we do that?


      Stacy Elaine

    1. Kate,

      Yes– I sometimes get stuck on the difference between naivety and positive thinking– they seem somewhat relative to one another, yet, the word “naive” in our society also has a negative feeling to it . . . for some reason, or maybe that is just me, how I have heard it used? What are your thoughts on the word and how it relates to living/art making?

      So happy to have you posting here!

      Stacy Elaine

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