The Life Wife Podcast, A Conversation with My Pal Kate Purdy!

Stacy: You recently sent me a photo taken by Matt a few years ago at your house in Echo Park. How does it feel looking at that photo and thinking of our experience recording Life Wife? Kate: That photo definitely made me feel sentimental. It’s when my dog, Ladybug, was still alive, and before you … More The Life Wife Podcast, A Conversation with My Pal Kate Purdy!

Vidlings & Tapeheads

We are very pumped to share our film “Back to Abstraction” at the first ever Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival in Michigan! The Festival Director & Programmer is Jerry White Jr.– his documentary 20 Years of Madness premiered at Slamdance in 2015. You can also catch it on Amazon Prime and read more about it here. … More Vidlings & Tapeheads

New Orleans: A Travel Guide at Entropy

  I wrote something about in-between places, when I was somewhere in-between: The crashed minivan’s headlights will be on, pointing out, softly illuminating dust particles. Walking closer to the vehicle, you will realize it’s freshly abandoned. No cops in sight. No survivors to be found. Should we? Look at your husband. Keep going? A blonde … More New Orleans: A Travel Guide at Entropy


I’m very happy about the latest interview I did with Aya Cash and Kether Donohue of You’re The Worst for PAPER Magazine!  These ladies are wonderful friends on screen and off. Their true spirit and genuine way of being in the world really comes out here as we discuss existential dilemmas, marriage, compromises, and the … More Interview with AYA CASH & KETHER DONOHUE at PAPER MAGAZINE!

“Mouth” featured over at The Rumpus

  I’m pretty excited to announce that “Mouth” (one of my comics) is featured over at The Rumpus today! This piece was made for and excerpted from “Back to Abstraction,” a short film that I developed with friends: Matthew Quezada, Kyle Klutz, R. Chett Hoffman, Patrick Wells, Tim & Wendy Pei-Sandburg, Penny Coghlan, Anthony Duran, … More “Mouth” featured over at The Rumpus

“This is Collage” at Haphazard Gallery

Perhaps these new collages can reverse our relationship with the culture of images from information back to the poetics. – Haphazard Gallery I’m thrilled to have new work up at Haphazard Gallery alongside these other lovely artists– Armand Brac, Arpi Agdere, Carl Warnick, Chandler McWilliams, George Porcari, Graham Moore, Luc Fierens, Tarrah Krajank, and Zach Collins! … More “This is Collage” at Haphazard Gallery