Screening at El Cid & Interview with KTG TALKS in the key of Lee Krasner

Yesterday, I visited the permanent collection at MOCA Grand in LA and said “Hello” to certain favorites, most notably– Lee Krasner. I read the description provided. One line in particular resonated. “Through the act of painting, the artist endeavors to find herself.” This is why I love Krasner. Her strength is in this search for … More Screening at El Cid & Interview with KTG TALKS in the key of Lee Krasner


I was born in a whale, but the whale was dead, so I thought: okay. Let’s deal with this. I didn’t know how to push. I sat there for a while and considered the art. It’s maybe a miracle. The impulse to move. I thought I could do that. I waited. I tried again. It … More Whales

Do Not Abandon Me

In college, I worked on the literary magazine, reading submissions– one of which explored the desire of a man who wants to sleep inside his lover. Like, his whole body. And he does this. Somehow, he squeezes in a foot, then a leg, torso, and so on. To her, it’s not physically painful, just boring. … More Do Not Abandon Me

Hello, Sky

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” – Pema Chodron Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I cultivate weather inside my body. “Is it biological? Chemical? Cultural? Hereditary?” My rainmaking is not intentional. It’s torrential: sloshing around in my stomach, collecting in a moat– aimed to isolate or protect something. This … More Hello, Sky

Keep Going

I’m not dying yet. I’m getting older. Last week I was in Paris. I have been to Paris three times. In my teens, twenties, and thirties. I liked it best in my thirties. I felt more confident speaking failed French. I tried to make it funny, like throwing my hands around. It worked. Accentuate the … More Keep Going


“This is a project where everybody wins: the villages will get power, the cliffs won’t be damaged and it will be a work of art.”-  Hiro Yamagata Sometimes, I wake up with a sense of urgency, and I immediately pull for my phone. The world is happening. I see something pretty: a elderly woman in … More Winning