Frequency Meets Volume or Translation

stacy elaine dacheux . december 2012

“Painting from nature is not copying the object, it is realizing one’s sensations.” – Paul Cezanne

I am admittedly not the best verbatim sketch artist. My drawings always end up looking like monsterous versions of the original. For instance, just drawing a little boy gets boring to me– I want to draw him old and saddle-bagged. I want him to have a certain creep. I want it to make me laugh.

My husband does sketch comedy. He writes and performs sketches or as my mom says– skits. He always makes me laugh. One time, for my birthday, I dragged him to the the veterans hospital so we could sign up and volunteer. We told the woman our strengths. I said I could help with art and that he does sketches. She immediately thought of him as a visual artist– a sketch artist more so than an actor who performs sketches.

It was hard to clear up the confusion.

Today, I was thinking of Paul Cezanne and sketches and how art functions on the stage or in our notebooks– how loving and looking for psychic energy or frequency is valuable.


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