The Los Angeles Project at Flying Object

the los angeles project . stacy elaine dacheux
the los angeles project . stacy elaine dacheux

For the past few years now, I have been translating letters from poets & writers into abstract paintings. It has been an engaging and daunting process at times– not knowing where the work will end up or how it will all feel as one collective show. I’ve had to rely on my friends or collaborators for consistency and support. I’ve had to ask for their trust– and they have so blindly given me this trust– to see the vision through. Often, I would look at the half-finished pieces scattered around my art studio and wonder, doubtingly, about the future.

However, last September, these concerns filled with hope– my friend, Dan Chelotti, helped bring the project to Massachusetts, where we displayed it at his college. It was a wonderful adventure full of art-making, story sharing, and reunions with childhood friends– one night we rented an old farmhouse and made a big soup– reminiscing and celebrating until the early morning. It made the whole undertaking feel valuable– mostly because of the people I was lucky to re-connect with in person.

Before the trip ended, Dan also introduced me to a space called Flying Object and I just fell in love with it. Not only do they have art shows, but they also sell & print some gorgeous, smart, and fun books. I picked up a poetry comic by Bianca Stone called “I Want To Open The Mouth God Gave You Beautiful Mutant” which is produced by Flying Object’s very own Factory Hollow Press. It’s been a long time since a book has inspired me, but this one did– as did the whole environment & community there, come to think of it.

So, this is why I am extra happy to announce that The Los Angeles Project – letters from poets & my translation paintings – will be on display at Flying Object throughout this month of January. If you are on the East Coast, please drop in to say “hello” for me. Explore their beautiful book selection and see some readings or shows. It’s a lovely spot to lean into.


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