“Love Is Dead (…And You Killed It)” at Space Station Studios

wow i love your photos . collage by stacy elaine dacheux . 2014

The amazing Tara Anne takes a break from tour managing to curate an art exhibit based on her strange and discerning Tinder messages.

According to an interview with LAist, “Tara Anne says she thinks the reason why online suitors think they can open with lines about their genitals or send a deluge of messages of increasing inappropriate is because there is no social barrier that clues someone to back off. We talked about how unlikely it would be for someone to talk up to you in a coffeeshop and say, ‘Hi,’ a dozen times with no response before asking if you wanted to sleep with them. Or to just walk up to a stranger and describe specific acts you wanted to perform with them—where’s the finesse? On apps like Tinder and OKCupid, that just seems to be par for the course. Eventually, it occurred to Tara Anne and her friends that they could ‘make something positive out of the overwhelming dissatisfaction.’ Thus, Love Is Dead (…And You Killed It) came to be.”

I adore Tara Anne, and was excited she asked me to take part in this interesting project. Above, is my own contribution to the exhibit, which was inspired by not only Tara’s Tinder message, but also a super hot day in LA when a car drove by my house, blasting the harpsichord solo from “Come On Baby Light My Fire” . . . Ha! So, stop by tonight to have a drink, grab a bite, explore the art, be silly, and say hello! It’s going to be fun!

June 26th, 2014

Space Station Studios
950 North Cahuenga
Hollywood,CA 90034

Artist Listing: Clark Duke, Joe Cool, Zack Bolotin, Stacy Elaine Dacheux, Roselina Hung, Miss Nightmare, Shayne of the Dead,Ben Marazzi, Nathan Lam Vuong, Brianne Mckay, Maria Patricia, Renee K. Noll, Lizzy Love, Natalie Phillips, Shawn Petite, Cat Moore, Jasmine Mcatee, Jenna Levine, Brett Rubin, Hannah Beth Ragland, Kerry Quinn,Sheri Velardi, Kanuo Chen and more!


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