New Publication in Enter>Text: 3 Years

enter-text: 3 years . publication . 2015

“Just as a midwife helps a being take their first breath, you help a being take their last breath. To be there fully requires being deeply grounded in compassion and love. Compassion, in this instance, is just both of you becoming who you are together–like the right hand taking care of the left hand.” – Ram Dass

My father was a scientist who generated experiments in order to study the retina: vision. I am an artist who creates experiments in order to study abstraction: feelings. I love how vision is a feeling. How feelings are visions. I recently wrote about how working at hospice and caring for my terminally ill father has influenced this type of art-making.

In art, I am interested in reproducing social situations where “we sit with one another regardless of health: how we steward others’ projections, stories, or identities.”

If you would like to read this piece and many other amazing works by some super rad people, please consider purchasing the book.



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