“Mouth” featured over at The Rumpus



I’m pretty excited to announce that “Mouth” (one of my comics) is featured over at The Rumpus today!

This piece was made for and excerpted from “Back to Abstraction,” a short film that I developed with friends: Matthew Quezada, Kyle Klutz, R. Chett Hoffman, Patrick Wells, Tim & Wendy Pei-Sandburg, Penny Coghlan, Anthony Duran, Huy J. Truong, and Tara Redavid.

The film was first exhibited at Kitchen Table Gallery in Philadelphia. An interview with KTG Talks is on the way shortly regarding the work. We are just getting started here and can’t wait to see how else this project sneaks out into the world.

p.s. If you aren’t familiar with The Rumpus, you should get acquainted! They publish the likes of Cheryl Strayd, Jerry Stahl, Roxane Gay, Rick Moody, and many other wonderful folks.


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