New News . . . LETTER!

Hi Buds,

Hey! Check it out!

I’m starting a newsletter, or an e-zine, as you will. It’s basically my way of trying to beat corporate algorithms on social media and allow room for a more direct (intimate?) electronic way for us to communicate– sharing drawings and ideas I don’t want to post forever on the Internet at the moment.  It’s all a work in progress!

I’ll still be posting to the public here at REVISING LONELINESS— but this space will primarily be reserved for more formal interviews, essays, book reviews, and announcements.

I’m trying to get organized!!!

The e-zine is more of the messy personal raw stuff art-making is made of!– plus a few links to things that I am reading, publishing, or whatnot– and first dibs on ordering limited edition prints, etc!

You can enroll via my website or here.



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