“This is Collage” at Haphazard Gallery

Perhaps these new collages can reverse our relationship with the culture of images from information¬†back to the poetics. – Haphazard Gallery I’m thrilled to have new work up at Haphazard Gallery alongside these other lovely artists– Armand Brac, Arpi Agdere, Carl Warnick, Chandler McWilliams, George Porcari, Graham Moore, Luc Fierens, Tarrah Krajank, and Zach Collins! … More “This is Collage” at Haphazard Gallery

Intermittent Dialogues at Monte Vista Projects

I recently collaborated with Danielle Sommer on an interactive art project. What I love most about this piece is the experience of spending time with a new friend. Through art-making I was able to hear and learn more about Danielle’s life and perspective. We met almost every day, in the hot hot heat, and painted … More Intermittent Dialogues at Monte Vista Projects