Art, Culture, Education, & P.S.1010

Concord’s P.S. 1010 is a new collaborative project brought forth by Eirik Schmertmann, Erin Schneider, Arjuna Neuman, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Clifford Pun, Annie Danis and Marco Di Domenico. It’s a “school bus that will function as a “mobile laboratory, gallery, and gathering place, where community organizers, teachers, and artists can connect and create.” Click here … More Art, Culture, Education, & P.S.1010


“This is a project where everybody wins: the villages will get power, the cliffs won’t be damaged and it will be a work of art.”-  Hiro Yamagata Sometimes, I wake up with a sense of urgency, and I immediately pull for my phone. The world is happening. I see something pretty: a elderly woman in … More Winning