Nan & Nanotechnology

june 2012 . stacy elaine dacheux

In the 1980s, Nan Goldin used photography to document her life and empower her own history.

In 2012, I resisted purchasing an iPhone for fear of having too much access to the world at all times. I did not want to think about sharing and likes in relation to worth. I did not want to worry about friends, following and being followed, and I definitely did not want to grow an extra limb in order to show the world I existed.

However, I did not want to be left out of the world either, so, last week, I broke down and bought one, an iPhone, and now I am stuck, specifically, on Instagram.

“It’s as if my hand were a camera. If it were possible, I’d want no mechanism between me and the moment of photographing. The camera is as much a part of my everyday life as talking or eating or sex. The instant of photographing, instead of creating distance, is a moment of clarity and emotional connection for me. There is a popular notion that the photographer is by nature a voyeur, the last one invited to the party. But I’m not crashing; this is my party.”  – Nan Goldin (1986)

Dear Nan, FYI, it’s not always fun to throw your own party.

Sometimes, it can make you feel pretty shitty.

Sincerely, Stacy.


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