“This is a project where everybody wins: the villages will get power, the cliffs won’t be damaged and it will be a work of art.”-  Hiro Yamagata Sometimes, I wake up with a sense of urgency, and I immediately pull for my phone. The world is happening. I see something pretty: a elderly woman in … More Winning

Deborah & Annie

A few months back, I wrote an article on the Eames exhibit  here in Los Angeles, and afterwards, was contacted by Deborah Sussman, curator and former Eames employee, to have lunch at her house to discuss art and design. It was incredible. We spoke for three hours and would move from room to room just … More Deborah & Annie


Turns out the homeless man I spoke about the other day is alive. He wears sunglasses now. Five feet from his corner of the sidewalk, I found this pigeon. I did not touch or move this pigeon. I just leaned over and took this photograph. The sun was glaring, so I didn’t stay long to … More Signs

The Many Fantes

“Los Angeles, give me some of you! Los Angeles come to me the way I came to you, my feet over your streets, you pretty town I loved you so much, you sad flower in the sand, you pretty town.” — John Fante (Ask The Dust) I took this photograph on Spring Street with my … More The Many Fantes