Cloning A Mike Mills

photo of a photo of a mike mills piece in a gallery . stacy elaine dacheux . 2012

Sometimes I think about art as people more so than objects. Yes, I know humans make art, but sometimes, I twist the narrative.

I like to think about art as living and breathing organism, with confused feelings and moods.

I saw this large photo of a Mike Mills piece in a Los Angeles gallery. It appeared to be printed on a waxy tarp.

I really like this piece. So, I took a photo . . . of the photo . . . of the street art.

With my iPhone, I am now a scientist cloning sheep, or art. The clone is not as bright as the original, but neither is the photo of the original that is printed on a waxy tarp.

Where do we go? How will we go there together? I want to take you with me.

The original lives on the streets and exists on accident just for us.

It is mystical.

The clone lives here in our phones or computers.

It pervades.

This is not to say I am disappointed with my clone. The context just makes me feel a bit less alive, a bit more like the clone than the human, but not in a bad way, just in a clone way.

But maybe this is not true.

The sentiment of love can transcend context. It’s why we want to clone in the first place.



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