Artful Gift Guide

I love holiday time because I can kill two birds with one stone. Although, I don’t like killing birds in general, or throwing stones– I have a crooked arm and a love for feathery whistle noises. You get the idea– I can knock two balls out of the park with just one punch. Guys! Oh boy! Anyhow! Tis the season for buying cool handmade things from artists and gifting them to friends! How amazing! Holiday time is when most creatives really are able to rally and get support. So this time of year is super busy, but also super exciting. Collected here are a few artful finds that struck my fancy– feel free to share more of your own favorites in the comments!

Handmade Ceramic Objects – Artists Brian Porray & Kyla Hansen via Grog



“Foreigner” Wall Hangings – artist Annie Rocchio – via Sun & Glory



Black Minimalist Handmade Watch – via Dapper Finish



Eco-Friendly Handmade Soap – Goat Rodeo – via Goat Rodeo



Bottle Biters – Artist Dave Matson – via Naked Art Gallery

Bottle Opener . Dave Matson . Photo via Naked Gallery


Wooden USB Stick – via LaPasoBien



Copper Wire Bangle – via Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables


Extinct Animal Commemorative Plates – Artist Nicole Antebi – via The Last Menagerie



Chalkboard Day Calendar – via DA Custom Frames



Handmade Glass Tumblers – via End of the Day Glass



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