Eyes & Ears Part 2 at Kitchen Table Gallery

julia child's kitchen
Julia Child’s kitchen . May all wonderful art projects be born in such a place . Sighhhh

I am honored to show/sell prints from my “Coming Soon” series at Kitchen Table Gallery for their Eyes & Ears event.

I love love love love the intention behind the gallery.

Located in Philadelphia, Kitchen Table Gallery functions as both a living space and a gallery. Louise ORourke was inspired to start KTG by an excerpt in David Reed’s ‘The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists.’ When David Reed asked Felix Gonzalez-Torres about his art studio he responded by saying, ‘I do not have a studio space. I am a kitchen-table artist.’ In that reading, KTG was born. The gallery offers artists the opportunity to explore unique installation boundaries, to experience an informal atmosphere and to participate in viewing experimental and emerging artwork. 

Stay tuned for their podcast, hosted by the amazing Chris O’Rourke, which should air in 2016!

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