The Tragedy of Dylan McKay, A Conversation with Robyn O’Neil at Coronagraph


O’Neil . The Passing (detail) . 2007 . Graphite on paper . 66 x 66 inches

I need overheard conversations; this is often where I get my ideas. I take notes constantly. I turn snippets of language into drawings. Sentences or fragments get channeled through a process that sometimes takes years to become a drawing. Although I’m a pretty traditional artist in that I make drawings, landscape drawings, I don’t keep a sketchbook. The majority of my prep-work for drawings is entirely word-based. – Robyn O’Neil

I conducted my first ever immersive/scavenger hunt interview with the wonderful Robyn O’Neil over here at Coronagraph. I’ve always wanted to do this type of an interview and I was super stoked that Robyn was so trusting, open, and positive about the concept! In all honesty, I was really in a terrible creative funk  before this experience. I felt stuck and stagnant. But having to engage in this conversation (experientially, emotionally, and analytically) has been a true blessing. It’s opened my eyes and heart to a certain life approach that I hope turns into a definitive practice– this idea of belonging everywhere you go by always unabashedly inviting the world into your work.

What does the tragedy of Dylan McKay have to do with it all?

Read the interview and find out!



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